Company Background

             Amequity Pte Ltd (Amequity) was established in 1996 as a Credit and Receivables Management Service Provider. Over the years, we have grown and established ourselves as the leading credit agency in Singapore. What began as a collections shop with a modest pool of 10 employees, Amequity has since matured into a full fledged credit management agency. We are grouped into 5 Departments:

  1. Management Team
  2. IT services
  3. Call & Dunning Center strength of over 20 tele-staff
  4. Field Operation with 15 Field collectors
  5. Accounts & HR

             We serve a diverse range of industries, including Financial Institutions, Banks, Retailers, Transportations Providers and Legal Firms. Our portfolio of clients includes Singtel, SP Services, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, American Express, ANZ and UOB.

The Commercial Collection

             The Commercial Collection Professionals at Amequity are ready to handle your Commercial Receivables liquidations through a broad spectrum of specialized services designed to enhance your corporate credit functions from the inception of a business relationship with a customer to the liquidation of a write-off. Amequity’s services include:

  1. Credit Reporting and background checks on your new customers, and applicants.
  2. Face-To-Face contact by a member of our Investigative Team to effect recovery.
  3. Skip tracing and Asset & Liability Investigations.
  4. Tailored Custom monthly reporting of all collections received.
  5. Customized reporting on status of open accounts.
  6. Professional legal processing that prompts you on the probability of success should you bring suit.
  7. Filing suit through the services of our panel of lawyers.

Inclusive Services
  1. Telephone, written, and Sms demand notices.
  2. Physical Pickups.
  3. Hotline for Debtor Use.
  4. State of the Art Data Center Hardware and Software Clusters “ADIS”.
  5. Free Receivables Consultation.
  6. Credit Reports.

             Amequity is the proud owner of the Amequity Data Intelligence Solution(“ADIS”) which gives us a significant competitive advantage over all other credit agencies. ADIS is a powerful information resource on people property ownership contacts and litigation information, containing information on over 90% of all properties people contact information in Singapore, and all historical litigation information in Singapore’s judicial system. See Annex “A” for full information.

             Amequity is thus able to conduct successful skip tracing and obtain important personal information, such as contact numbers, alternate address and contacts of family members.

             Coupled with Amequity’s alliance with law firm, WLAW LLC, to issue Legal Letters of Demand, Amequity is able to leverage various collections methods to cater to client’s specific requirements.

Update News
Estb 1996
Regn.No 199600472N
231 Bain Street
#02-95 Bras Basah Complex
Singapore (180231)
Hotline :6337 8081